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Bridge the Gap Magazine

Read the Winter Issue of the Bridge the Gap Magazine, featuring insights from industry thought leaders, news, highlights, and more!

What's New in this Issue?

  • Season 6 is HERE...with new thought leaders, contributors, events, and more!
  • The BTG Network is expanding! Learn more inside this issue.

  • Paul Hansen discusses ageism and how the industry can improve its attitude toward aging.

  • BTG Ambassador Allison Bonner shares her family's story in the industry.
  • Aaron Fish discusses retailization and the unseen revenue streams in your senior living organization.

  • Sheri LeJean challenges you to break the cycle of work fatigue.

  • Dale Dupree shares 3 effective tips for your sales process.

  • Kathy Parry details the steps to energizing your organization, your team, and yourself. 

"The Bridge the Gap Network has always been about the senior living industry, and the people in it."

Lucas McCurdy & Josh Crisp, Bridge The Gap Founders

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